Coinbase Released Bitcoin Payment Plugins for Magento and ZenCart

The Coinbase plugins for Magento and ZenCart are now available! Magento and ZenCart are the two most popular shopping cart plugins on the web, powering over 50,000 active online stores. It’s now super easy for these stores to accept bitcoin with no fees on their first $1,000,000 in payment processing and no code to write. Setup is super simple as well; first, copy the plugin files into your website root. Then open your administration console and follow the instructions to connect a Coinbase account:

The plugin will only be able to access merchant tools, preventing access to any bitcoin inside your account. After setup, ‘Bitcoin’ will appear as an option for your customers checking out! Checkout is super easy with two click checkout for over 300,000 Coinbase users.

For more detailed installation instructions, see here for Magento and here for ZenCart