Bitcoin Foundation Welcomes Circle, Their Newest Gold Member

The Bitcoin Foundation would like to welcome new Gold Member, Circle! Circle is a digital currency company founded by Internet entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire, and backed by world-leading venture capital investors Jim Breyer, Accel Partners and General Catalyst Partners. With corporate headquarters in Boston, Mass. and International headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, Circle is building products that […]

You can now give and get $5 for every person you send Bitcoin

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to extend our referral program to our send bitcoin via email feature. We agree and think that sending someone some bitcoin to their email address is the best way to refer someone new to Bitcoin. So, starting today, if you send bitcoin to someone new via email, you will get a $5 referral bonus if they create an account and end up buying or selling at least one bitcoin.


The referral bonus is double-sided, so both you and the user you referred get $5 worth of bitcoin when they activate their account and buy or sell at least one bitcoin.

This even works through our API.  So if you send someone bitcoin through one of our mobile apps, the SMS Service, or even our Reddit Tip Bot, you’ll automatically get the same referral bonus.

Money2020 Conference Response to Bitcoin and Coinbase Overwhelming


Coinbase attended one of the world’s largest payments conferences (Money2020) this week.  We participated in a panel hosted by Bloomberg.  The audience was asked “how many of you are thinking about integrating Bitcoin in to your business?”  Approximately 30% of hands in the room of a few hundred senior members of the payments industry went up – a surprisingly high portion, even to us.

The tone around Bitcoin was notably different than at other similar events 6 months prior.  Reactions from those in the traditional financial world have shifted away from “that seems a little far fetched and it’s safe to ignore for now” towards an undercurrent of acknowledgment that digital currency is the future, even if they don’t fully understand it in the present.

Coinbase was front and center at the entrance to greet everyone!