Coinbase is Building a World Class Support Team

We recently hit 300,000 users on Coinbase, a 50% increase from the 200,000 users that we reached back in August 1st.  Later that month we announced our need to grow our internal customer support team and it’s become evident that in order to build the best customer service for our Coinbase customers that we need to scour the world to find the best.  As a result, we’re building a remote customer support team to accommodate our growing user base.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’ve devised a test that is aimed at identifying those olympian, problem-solving and quick-thinking qualities.  As we’re looking for the best, we’ll be interviewing only the top 5% of applicants and looking to hire in the next week.  If you believe you have what it takes, upload your resume here and you can take the test here.

Free Bitcoin via the Coinbase Referral Program and API

We’ve had an excellent referral program for a little while. Coinbase customers can share a link with friends, and get $5 worth of Bitcoin when those friends create an account that buys or sells at least one bitcoin.


One exciting addition to this that we just launched is the ability to earn referral credits through the API. Now when your app creates a new user or sends money via the API, you can include a referrer_id parameter. This will give you credit just like our regular referral program, allowing you to earn free bitcoin if that user buys or sells bitcoin at least one bitcoin at any point in the future.

We’re excited to see what new apps people can create with this built in monetization strategy, especially when combined with our micro-transactions.  (Bitcoin faucet 2.0 anyone?) Now you can make money spreading bitcoin to the world.

Coinbase Requiring Credit Card as Backup Payment Method for Instant Purchases

Today we’re rolling out a change that will require a backup credit card to be added to your account before Instant purchases are enabled.  We’re excited about accepting credit cards at Coinbase because it will allow us to implement some pretty awesome things down the road, including higher Instant Buy limits.


Right now credit cards can only be used as a backup payment method – they can’t be used to buy bitcoin directly.  To enable Instant Buy on your Coinbase account, add a backup credit card today!